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JSON Question

FosRestbundle keeps sending text/html as response and we are expecting json.

Here is our controller:

function getLocationsAction(Request $request) {

$dm = $this->get('doctrine.odm.mongodb.document_manager');
$query = $dm->createQueryBuilder('MainClassifiedBundle:Location')->select('name', 'state', 'country', 'coordinates');
$locations = $query->getQuery()->execute();

$data = array(
'success' => true,
'locations' => $locations,
'displaymessage' => $locations->count() . " Locations Found"

$view = View::create()->setStatusCode(200)->setData($data);
return $this->get('fos_rest.view_handler')->handle($view);

Here is the config.yml for fosrestbundle:

json: true
html: true
html: true
failed_validation: HTTP_BAD_REQUEST
default_engine: twig

Here is the route:

pattern: /locations/
defaults: { _controller: MainClassifiedBundle:ClassifiedCrudWebService:getLocations, _format:json}
_method: GET

Why are we getting text/html ? Ho wcan we force the response to be application/json?

Please help as this is causing huge pains at the moment

Answer Source

You are creating your view statically and have not enabled any listeners.

This way there is no format guessing involved.

Pass the format as argument to your function and set the format on the View object:

function getLocationsAction(Request $request, $_format) {
    // ...
    $view = View::create()
         ->setFormat($_format)   // <- format here
    return $this->get('fos_rest.view_handler')->handle($view);

See the documentation chapter The View Layer.

If you want automatic format guessing you have to enable the listeners.

    param_fetcher_listener: true
    body_listener: true
    format_listener: true
        view_response_listener: 'force'

Read more in the chapter Listener Support.

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