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C++ Question

How to count amount of unique elements in an array of structs?

I have a structure:

struct wordItem
string word;
int count;

I'm reading in a text file with many different words and storing them into an array.

ifstream inputFile("data.txt");
while(getline(inputFile, data, ' '))
wordItemList[i].word = data;

My question is what is the best way to count each time a word appears in the array. For example if my data.txt file was

the fox jumped over the fence

I want to be able to store how many times each word appears within the struct within the "int count;"

Answer Source
ifstream inputFile("data.txt");
if(!inputFile.is_open()) {
    cerr << "Can't open data.txt\n";

map<string, int> freq;
while(getline(inputFile, word, ' '))
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