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How to get random single document from 1 billion documents in mongoDB using python?

I want single random document from mongoDB collection. Now my mongoDB collection contains more then 1 billion collections. How to get single random document from that collection ?

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Add an additional column named random to your collection and make that the value in it is between 0 to 1. You can assign random floating points between 0 to 1 into this column for each record via [random.random() for _ in range(0, 10)].


import random

collection = mongodb["collection_name"]

rand = random.random()  # rand will be a floating point between 0 to 1.
random_record = collection.find_one({ 'random' => { '$gte' => rand } })

MongoDB will have its native implementation in due course. Filed feature here - https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-533

Not yet implemented at time of writing.

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