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Java web application framework with good mobile device support?

I'm looking for a good, free, java based web-application framework with good support for mobile devices?

I have a web application which I initially wrote for normal browsers using the Vaadin framework. I have been very happy with this framework. However, my application now also needs to support browsers on mobile devices (phones and pads). Unfortunately Vaadin does currently not do this very well (even on pads things look wrong and the page is hard to interact with using Vaadin widgets).

So I have come to the painful conclusion that it may be time to port my application to a different web framework; to minimize work, ideally also Java or even GWT based. Is there any framework you would recommend that supports both normal browsers and mobile browsers well (and ideally automatically detects what browser it is interacting with and adapts to that)?

Note: I'm aware that there is a mobile Add-on for Vaadin, but it is very expensive (if you can't live with AGPL), only in beta, and apparently hasn't had an update in over a year. So, it's not looking like an option for me.

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Have you considered PrimeFaces framework. It is JSF (Java Server Faces) and it has Mobile kit that support different kinks of mobiles ( iphone, blackberry, android ..)


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