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Objective-C Question

How to add customInfo with CXCallUpdate using CallKit?

I want to show both the Name and Phone number in the Recents Log using CallKit.
I could show the phone number or name using the code below,

CXCallUpdate *callUpdate = [[CXCallUpdate alloc] init];
callUpdate.localizedCallerName = @"Name or Number";

Skype displaying both Name and Social Profile label.
Atleast if possible in the Social Profile label.


I need to add customInfo(like unique-id) with the CXCallUpdate, is it possible?

Answer Source

The CXHandle value that you set as the remoteHandle of your CXCallUpdate will be shown in the page you get when you press the "i" info button in Recents. (It will be shown as either a phone number, an email address, or a "social profile" depending on whether the CXHandle's type is phone number, email address, or "generic", respectively.) But it will not show in the actual row in Recents.

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