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Javascript Question

Array of object deep comparition with lodash

I've 2 array of objects that I'd deeply compare with


However, I've a prob with it:

> var x = [{a:1, b:2}, {c:3, d:4}];
> var y = [{b:2, a:1}, {d:4, c:3}];
> _.difference(x,y, _.isEqual);
[ { a: 1, b: 2 }, { c: 3, d: 4 } ]

How should I compare to see that both are equal?


You can make use of differenceWith() with an isEqual() comparator, and invoke isEmpty to check if they are equal or not.

var isArrayEqual = function(x, y) {
  return _(x).differenceWith(y, _.isEqual).isEmpty();

var result1 = isArrayEqual(
  [{a:1, b:2}, {c:3, d:4}],
  [{b:2, a:1}, {d:4, c:3}]

var result2 = isArrayEqual(
  [{a:1, b:2, c: 1}, {c:3, d:4}],
  [{b:2, a:1}, {d:4, c:3}]

  '<div><label>result1: ', result1, '</label></div>',
  '<div><label>result2: ', result2, '</label></div>',
<script src=""></script>