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TypeScript Question

Typescript VS2013

I have Visual studio 2013 Ultimate, and want to use typescript. I installed the plug-in:

It didn't show any errors during or after the install. When I started VS2013 again and went to File > New > Project, there was a TypeScript thing in the templates. But it said "Install the latest TypeScript for Visual Studio", and trying to create such a 'project' results in a "project creation failed" message.

I also tried making a new file, but there was nothing related to typescript. Making a new file and changing the extension to .ts didn't work either (the icon of the file shows that it's an unknown filetype).

How do I get typescript to work in VS2013?

EDIT: I noticed that there's no typescript listed in de list of installed extensions. Could it be that the plug-in didn't detect my VS2013?

Answer Source

Answering my own question based on the comments on the question and own experiences. For when other people find this question.

It helps to restart your computer after installing the typescript plug-in.

And the Web Essensials 2013 plug-in doesn't mix well with typescript, so disable that to avoid Visual Studio crashing. (credit to Ken Smith; see comments on question).

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