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Git Question

GIT Workflow Example

GIT noob hereā€¦ Please forgive my noobness!

Here's my application folder structure


Is there a way to set up a git repo to track the changes in each version via a branch? Then when I've got changes in coming out of development, I could just merge them into Beta. Then after they've been tested by the beta team I can merge them into production?

Does anybody know of any examples for how I could set this up? Or am I going about this all wrong?

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if you don't know schema, this can help you to more understand easily the git flow concept :

enter image description here

You use system branch of git for differents work environnement. Not all the branch to create is from master. Master is just branch for you code in production. You can use other branch "develop" for create lot of others working branch without touch master branch.

You can consider the git branch as like an environnement code also environnement "server".

This is not the exaclty definition but is the best way to more understand git flow...

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