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AngularJS <a> tag links not working

I have an index of objects returned from search. The template has an ng-repeat where the item's URL is constructed from data in the model but in the final markup the "a" tag does not work. The ng-href and href are correct, the URL bar changes when the link is clicked but the page does not load. Doing a browser refresh after the click does get the page. So something in Angular is changing the URL bar but not triggering a load???

Can't make this reproduce in a jsfiddle because the problem seems to be in loading the json into the template after a $resource.query() function, which I can't do from a jsfiddle. With a simulated query loading static data the jsfiddle works even though the final markup looks identical.

The AngularJS template looks like this:

<div ng-controller="VideoSearchResultsCtrl" class="row-fluid">
<div class="span12" >
<div class="video_thumb" ng-repeat="video in videos">
<a ng-href="/guides/{{video._id}}" data-method="get">
<img ng-src="{{video.poster.large_thumb.url}}">

The results look fine and produce the following final markup:

<div ng-controller="VideoSearchResultsCtrl" class="row-fluid ng-scope">
<div class="span12">
<!-- ngRepeat: video in videos --><div class="video_thumb ng-scope" ng-repeat="video in videos">
<a ng-href="/guides/5226408ea0eef2d029673a80" data-method="get" href="/guides/5226408ea0eef2d029673a80">
<img ng-src="/uploads/video/poster/5226408ea0eef2d029673a80/large_thumb_2101146_det.jpg" src="/uploads/video/poster/5226408ea0eef2d029673a80/large_thumb_2101146_det.jpg">
</div><!-- end ngRepeat: video in videos -->

The controller code is:

GuideControllers.controller('VideoSearchResultsCtrl', ['$scope', '$location', 'VideoSearch',
function($scope, $location, VideoSearch) {
$scope.videos = VideoSearch.query({ namespace: "api", resource: "videos", action: 'search', q: $ });

Using AngularJS 1.2-rc.3. I've also tried using an ng-click and regular old onclick to get a page loaded even with static URL but the clicks never trigger the code. BTW static non-angular links on this page do work, so the Menu Bar and Sign Out work.

What have I done wrong here or is this a bug in AngularJS?

Answer Source

From the mailing list I got an answer:

Have you by any chance configured your $locationProvider to html5Mode? If yes this would cause your problems. You could force it to always go to the url by adding target="_self" to your tag. Give it a shot.

I had configured to use HTML5 so adding the target="_self" to the tag fixed the problem. Still researching why this works.

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