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Ruby Question

Rails Server is not starting on Windows 10

I am using windows 10. I install Rails and other supporting software via website.

Now I go on CMD and writing command

rails server
but Rails server not starting work. when I open link in firefox http://localhost:3000

Following is snapshot of output when I write
rails s
in cmd. I have Rails in my PC and using Windows 10

enter image description here

Answer Source

The problem my be caused due to following if you are using latest version of ruby installer to install ruby then there are problem for installing nokogiri and ulifier or other gem which needs to compailing in your pc. so you needs to install devkit first. For this please do following:

The download is a self-extracting archive. When you execute the file, it’ll ask you for a destination for the files. Enter a path that has no spaces in it. We recommend something simple, like C:\RubyDevKit\. Click Extract and wait until the process is finished. Download from here

Next, you need to initialize the DevKit and bind it to your Ruby installation. Open your favorite command line tool and navigate to the folder you extracted the DevKit into.

cd C:\RubyDevKit

Auto-detect Ruby installations and add them to a configuration file for the next step.

ruby dk.rb init

Install the DevKit, binding it to your Ruby installation.

ruby dk.rb install

Now run bundle install

If still problem persist downgrade your ruby or install linux distro.

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