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generating the API metadata for your Cloud Endpoints classes failed

I'm using the Google App Engine plugin for Eclipse (4.2) and Google App Engine SDK 1.9.2

So the project consists of a server side application (backend) and an Android app (frontend). I incidentally checked the "uses Google App Engine" within the project properties page of the frontend. Since I unchecked that again, I can't compile the Android app - getting the error below.

Any idea how to solve that without deleting my project?

There was a problem generating the API metadata for your Cloud
Endpoints classes: Project Notes is not a web-app project

Answer Source

We've had the same problem, but we had to delete and re-import the project in order to fix it:

App Engine was enabled in preferences, which made it add a whole bunch of libraries when we checked out Android project from repository. The error wouldn't go away after fixing build path.

Our solution (we had a working Android project in repository):

  1. Remove App Engine from Eclipse Preferences
  2. Delete project
  3. Check out the project from repository
  4. Re-add App Engine

You could also try the following after removing App Engine:

  • Remove project from workspace, then import it again
  • Close and Open project in Eclipse (right-click, close project)
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