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Swift Question

Meteor cordova plugin webapp fails to build on Xcode 8

I got the same issue as this guy

And this thread


When running my app as meteor run ios-device and then trying to run it form Xcode8, it throws a lot of issues.

Tried setting the swift version to legacy support in the build settings for the project without luck, also bumped the version from 1.2.8 to 1.3.0, didn't work.

It seems it could be fixed by changing to swift3 branch but I don't know how to do this since this package is being pulled by Atmosphere, so it's probably selecting master branch from npm and overriding the files each time I try to run it with meteor run ios-device

This is the Broken Package Github Repo

Answer Source

Doing meteor add will override the default plugin version that comes with Meteor, you just need to point to the specific commit. Taken from

meteor add cordova:cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp@

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