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Why is Synchronized block better than synchronized method?

I have started learning synchronization in threading.

Synchronized method:

public class Counter{

private static int count = 0;

public static synchronized int getCount(){
return count;

public synchoronized setCount(int count){
this.count = count;


Synchronized block :

public class Singleton{

private static volatile Singleton _instance;

public static Singleton getInstance(){
if(_instance == null){
if(_instance == null)
_instance = new Singleton();
return _instance;

When should I use Synchronized method and Synchronized block ?
Why is Synchronized block better than synchronized method ?

Answer Source

It's not a matter of better, just different.

When you synchronize a method, you are effectively synchronizing to the object itself. In the case of a static method, you're synchronizing to the class of the object. So the following two pieces of code execute the same way:

public synchronized int getCount() {
    // ...

This is just like you wrote this.

public int getCount() {
    synchronized (this) {
        // ...

If you want to control synchronization to a specific object, or you only want part of a method to be synchronized to the object, then specify a synchronized block. If you use the synchronized keyword on the method declaration, it will synchronize the whole method to the object or class.

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