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Following git-flow how should you handle a hotfix of an earlier release?

If you try to follow the git-flow branching model, documented here and with tools here, how should you handle this situation:

You have made a 1.0 release and a 2.0 release. Then you need to make a hotfix for 1.0. You create a hotfix branch off the 1.0 tag and implement the fix there. But what then?

Normally you would merge to master and put a 1.1 release tag there. But you can't merge 1.1 to a point after 2.0 on master.

I guess you could put the release tag on the hotfix branch, but that would create a permanent branch beside the master that would contain a release tag. Is that the right way?

Answer Source

It seems that there is a concept of a "support" branch in git flow. This is used to add a hotfix to an earlier release.

This thread has more information, with these examples:

git checkout 6.0
git checkout -b support/6.x
git checkout -b hotfix/6.0.1

... make your fix, then:

git checkout support/6.x
git merge hotfix/6.0.1
git branch -d hotfix/6.0.1
git tag 6.0.1

or using git flow commands

git flow support start 6.x 6.0
git flow hotfix start 6.0.1 support/6.x

... make changes then:

git flow hotfix finish 6.0.1
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