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Java Question

Can't run java 8u71 on Iceweasel

What happened to “WebUpd8” team? Banks homepage asking me for java update but couldn't install update via aptitude.

On jessie machine already managed to install and run it via java-package interface, in Iceweasel too.

"We are unable to verify if Java is currently installed and enabled in your browser."

But still having problem with it on Wheezy: could install java but Iceweasel can't find it.

Already tried to manually set the symbolic link in /etc/alternative/

Any ideas?

Answer Source

In case of WebUpd8 do not provide Java updates, man could download the linux source from Java website xxxx.gz, install java-package via apt-get install java-package and then run the following:

$ make-jpkg javaxxx.gz

Confirm the queries, then it should generate a .deb installable package.

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