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jQuery Question

trigger event with spacebar keydown for set duration

I have an animation that should start on keydown for a set duration (3s or so).

Wondering if I can bind the animation function to jquery keydown but how can I add the duration to that or if there is another jquery plugin that can handle this?

The animation is something like:


but I need to bind this to a key-hold event so it is triggered when someone holds down the spacebar for 3s. I have no idea where to even begin here.

Something like - but how to trigger with the actual spacebar?

), 3000) ?

Answer Source
$(window).keypress(function (e) {
  if (e.keyCode === 0 || e.keyCode === 32) {
    console.log('Space pressed')
    //do some stuff here
    /*some animation*/.delay(3000);//plays animation for 3 seconds

As others have commented, it is hard to see what you are looking for specifically without any example code. However it sounds like you are looking for something like this.

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