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Why are Form and HTML helpers deprecated in Laravel 5.x

The title basically says it all. Why are the From and HTML helpers deprecated since Laravel 5. I know I could use something like

packages. But I was just wondering why Laravel stopped using/devolving the helpers.

Answer Source

The answer is simple.

Taylor Otwell decided to remove Form and Html from core components because it something that should be maintained by the community through packages like Few other components were removed to keep the framework slim. Not everyone uses Form and HTML , I personally prefer pure HTML.

My Opinion

One of my opinions on this is the issue of performance, If you check Form and HTML classes you will see how forms are actually generated, which involves looping with foreach and other script just to generate simple form which simply doesn't happen when you use your plain HTML in your blade.

Laravel Form & HTML components also have limitations in terms of full customization but when you use plain HTML in your blade you can freely customize the form in anyway you like and any front-end developer can understand it without learning Laravel or Blade.

I actually think Laravel Form & HTML are for lazy developers, my opinion :)

You can do without Form & Html builders completely or you can use available packages

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