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Correct way to retrieve a single object from Realm database

I am absolutely loving Realm (0.92) in combination with Swift but have a question about reading an object from the database. My goal is to retrieve a single object with a known, unique ID (which also happens to be the primary key.

All the documentation appears to be oriented around queries for multiple objects which are then filtered. In this case I know the object ID and, since it is known to be unique, would like to retrieve it directly.

My current approach is as follows:

Realm().objects(Book).filter("id == %@", prevBook.nextID).first

This seems heavy-handed. Documentation from prior versions suggest that there is a more direct way but I can't seem to locate it in the documentation.

The problem with my current approach is that it is crashing with an exception on the following function:

public func filter(predicateFormat: String, _ args: CVarArgType...) -> Results<T>

The exception is mysteriously reported as:

EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0xedf)

Any suggestions are very welcome.

Anticipating one line of questioning: I have confirmed that replacing prevBook.nextID with a known, good ID does not solve the problem

Answer Source

objectForPrimaryKey() is what you're looking for: Realm().objectForPrimaryKey(Book.self, key: prevBook.nextID). There's no simpler way than Realm.objects(Book).first if you need to search for the object by something other than the primary key.

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