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Node.js Question

Is it possible to compile node.js 4 or 6 for a 32 bits mac?

I was searching for a 32 bits version of node.js and notices that the last darwin x86 version is on the


Is it possible to compile from source onto the 32 bits or it is just not supported?

I'm running OSX 10.6

Answer Source

The minimum required OS X version was bumped to 10.7 back in April 26 with 204f3a8a0b, which was incorporated only into node v6.0.0, so it is not possible to build v6.0.0 on OS X 10.6 unless you modify common.gypi and build it yourself. Even then you're on your own since it is no longer supported.

node v5.x and earlier still support building on OS X 10.5+ without any changes, but you'll still need to build it yourself.

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