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C++ Question

A function for finding n consecutive characters returning true/false

I want to have a function that is going return true if and only if when

s contains sequence of n consecutive identical signs. For example if we have
i want the function to return true.

My idea for the code is:

bool g(char* s, int n){
if(s[0]==0) return true;
for (int i=0; s[i+1]!=0;i++){
for (int j=i; s[i+1]!=0;j++){
while(int a != n){
int main() {
cout<< g("aaac",3);

I know that the code is incomplete however the problem is that i do not know where do i need to
return true
and where to put
return false

PLEASE rather then down voting this question please explain what is wrong with it?

Answer Source

Your function is needlessly complex. You can do it with a single loop, like this:

  • Make a counter, and set it to zero
  • Examine each pair of consecutive characters, i.e. *s and *(s+1)
  • If they are not the same, set counter to zero
  • Otherwise, increment the counter; if it reaches n, return true.
  • If you reach the end of the loop, when s points to null terminator, return false.

Checking the difference can be done like this:

if (*(s+1) == *s) {
    if (count == n) {
        return true;
} else {
    count = 0;
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