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Java Question

IntelliJ freezes for about 30 seconds before debugging

when i try to debug my java app the IDE freezes for about 30 seconds with the message:
"Finished, saving caches"

After it unfreezes all works fine. It happens every time.

When i only run (not debug) it does not freeze.

What i tried:

  • I changed the JDK on system.

  • I changed the IntelliJ version.

  • I change to IntelliJ Ultimate - trial.

  • Invalidating the IDE's cache.

  • Similar problem

  • I also figured out that the given message exists only it this area of code - github-project so i changed the JVM options to give InteliJ more ram.

InteliJ build IC-141.1010.3.

When i try to debug in other IDE's it works fine, only InteliJ gets stuck...

I submitted a ticket to jetbrains too, but i know the power of StackOverflow :)

I have a MacBookPro 2015 and JDK 1.8

Answer Source

The support from IntelliJ told me to try the IDE with bundled java.

And it works!


IntelliJ support feedback: The problem was that there was a hang within Method) JDK method call, which gets your system hostname. This is either JDK problem or local configuration issue...

The solution for this is here.

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