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Display Hours on Vertical axis in SSRS

I have a graph in

which displays info from a SP. The SP displays the duration of a process we have that runs daily. looks something like:

Date | Duration
2015/09/23 | 00:21:32
2015/09/22 | 00:28:43
2015/09/21 | 00:25:54

I am trying to display this information in a bar graph in SSRS so the dates are displayed on the bottom, and the bar represents the duration.

I have gotten it to display the time, but it is displayed as:

12:21 AM

Instead of:


I have't worked with the graphs on
much, but when I try to convert to time or minutes it either doesn't change, or is just changed to
and doesn't actually display anything.

Any help on the matter would be great.

Answer Source

Shortly after posting this I figured it out.

  1. I converted the duration to Time(0) within the SP, and displayed the un-Aggregated version of the duration on the bar.

  2. Then right clicked the vertical axis > properties > Number.

  3. Then changed the Custom to HH:mm.

Is now properly displaying it as 00:20 up the side.

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