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Can an executable discover its own path? (Linux)

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how to find the location of the executable in C

I would like an executable to be able to discover its own path; I have a feeling that the answer is "you can't do this", but I would like this to be confirmed!

I don't think I can use
, because I might not be executing it from the same directory. I don't think I can use
, because that is based on the string that's used to execute it. Are there any other options?


The real problem is that I'd like to place an executable somewhere on a filesystem, and place a default config file alongside it. I want the executable to be able to read its config file at runtime, but I don't want to hardcode this location into the executable, nor do I want the user to have to set environment variables. If there's a better solution to this situation, I'm all ears...

Answer Source

The file /proc/self/exe is a simlink to the currently running executable.

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