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Adobe Target PCID set in Chrome Incognito Mode But Missing in Normal MOde

Does anyone know why the Adobe Target PCID would be set in the "Mbox" cookie when using the Chrome Incognito mode and not set when using the Normal mode? My normal settings are to allow all cookies. If you want to try, please go to www.bankofthewest.com. Others in my company have the same results. **** Additionally, if I use a computer not on our company internal network it works in both modes. ****

Answer Source

SO I found "If you delete ALL of your cookies you will get a PCId in your 1st party mbox cookie which should be readable using mboxFactoryDefault.getPCId().getId(). This is why you saw the PCId when you were in incognito mode. Incognito mode starts with a clean slate effectively clearing 1st and 3rd party cookies.

My guess is when you were experiencing this "Chrome Browser Normal mode on VPN - mbox cookie without PCID but contains session id" you were probably just clearing your 1st party cookies and not your 3rd party cookies. If you did that the 1st party cookie would not reset with the PCId."

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