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A website converted to android app using webview - Is it categoried as a native app?

3 mobile app categories exist in my understanding

  1. Native app - built using java for android and objective-c/swift for ios

  2. Hybrid app - built using html,css,js but wrapped for each platform using cordova(phonegap), iconic etc..

  3. Html 5 app - built entirely using html,css, js and can be opened in mobile web browsers

I have the following questions-

  1. Is a webapplication converted into a android app using webview placed in the category of a native app. Please clarify

  2. When you built html 5 app (category 3 above), you write code in html, css and js but do you use a webview or do you just access the html file using a mobile browser?

  3. Can a hybrid app be opened in a web browser in addition to accessing it as a native app?

  4. Can one upload a html5 app to the app store, I understand it needs no approval. Can it be even priced?

  5. What kind of apps are predominantly developed in companies?

  6. Should the html,css code be made responsive before it can be used in cordova? If no, can bootstrap be used before using it in cordova?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Answer Source
  1. This is probably more in the second category - you download the app from the app store and it exists as a real app on your phone, but it just display a webpage. It's similar to Phonegap or Cordova, but less evolved.

  2. You just access it normally in a webbrowser, and it's coded exactly like you would code your desktop website.

  3. No, a hybrid app is really an app - you must launch it on your phone

  4. Most companie want to build native apps since the look and feel is much better. Some companies will settle for the second category because it's cheaper, and some companies, like a local retailer entreprise, will just make sure their website looks good on mobile (third category) since an app would be overkill.

  5. If you want to use the same code in cordova, you should design your HTML and CSS to be responsive - making a website responsive later is longer and harder than just coding mobile-first from the start. bootstrap, like you mentioned, is a good starting point.

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