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C Question

c library creation for ATMEL328

I am trying to create a library in C for use in a ATMEL 328pu. I have made the source and header files in C but come unstuck when I try to compile the library. I think I need another AVR library containing the types:

  • TWDR

  • TWCR

Which are the i2c registers in the ATMEGA328. A shortened version of the error message can be seen below followed by a portion of the .cpp file where the error message refers too.

Error message:

Build: Debug in my_i2c (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler)
Code_blocks/my_i2c/my_i2c/my_i2c.cpp|39|error: use of undeclared identifier 'TWCR'|
Build failed: 19 error(s), 0 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 0 second(s))

Extract from.cpp file:

#include "my_i2c.h"

/////////////////////WRITE BIT////////////////////
void my_i2c :: i2cWriteBit (uint8_t i2cAdd, uint8_t i2cReg, uint8_t i2cBit, bool i2cBool) {
uint8_t writeBuff;
writeBuff = i2cRead(i2cAdd, i2cReg); //read uint8_t
i2cBool == true ? writeBuff |= 1 << i2cBit : writeBuff &= ~(1 << i2cBit);
i2cWrite (i2cAdd, i2cReg, writeBuff);

/////////////////////WRITE uint8_t////////////////////
void my_i2c :: i2cWrite (uint8_t i2cAdd, uint8_t i2cReg, uint8_t i2cData) {
TWCR = 0b10100100; //(TWINT)(TWSTA)(TWEN) - Set START condition
while (!(TWCR & 0b10000000)) { //Wait for TWI to set TWINT

Do I need to define the what TWCR and TWDR are for the compiler to understand the functions? and how do I do this, is it like I was thinking by including another library?

Answer Source

You can't refer to an undeclared identifier, that makes it impossible for the compiler to figure out what you mean.

You should probably add

#include <avr/io.h>

to your library's source code.

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