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Constructor object model JS

So I'm all new to JavaScript and for a school assignment we were asked to use the NY-Times API to create a web-project. My teacher wants me to rewrite this code, using a constructor object model. So my question is, how can this be done?

{'api-key': "2cb941103998461990415c7e7fafb8c7", 'filters': "-movies"
function(data) {
for (var i = 0; i < data.results.length; i++) {
var event= data.results[i];

var nameEvent= event.event_name;
var Category3= event.category
var descriptionWeb= event.web_description
var Borough3 = event.borough;
var timeAndTime = event.date_time_description;

var eventPost = {
eventName: nameEvent,
category: Category3,
description: descriptionWeb,
borough: Borough3,
time: timeAndTime

var eventHTML= $( '<event>'
+ ' <h2>'+ nameEvent + '</h2>'
+ ' <h3>'+ Category3 + '</h3>'
+ ' <p>' + descriptionWeb + '</p>'
+ ' <p>' + Borough3 + '</p>'
+ ' <p>' + timeAndTime + '</p>'
+ '</event>' );

var events= $('#EVENTS');

Answer Source

since you have created object so if you want a new object you need to write their properties each time . now this function(constructor) will take care of that . and you can create object as many as possible.

function model(a,b,c,d,e) {
  this.eventName = a;
  this.category = b;
  this.description = c;
  this.borough = d;
  this.time = e;

var eventPost =new model (nameEvent,Category3,descriptionWeb,Borough3,timeAndTime);

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