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Uploading new files to a git repository directly through the github web application

It is possible to directly edit files in a repository stored on github through the web interface. Most of us would never do this but it has its uses.

Edit button on github

I teach an introductory level course. I'd like to use git and github for homework distribution and collection (github offers free private accounts for education). However I can't ask completely fresh students to learn git, at least not in the first few weeks. For the first few weeks I would like to say

"You can upload your homework by clicking on this sequence of buttons on"

and then eventually teach them how to use the command line.

Ideally I'd like for them to be able to upload new files, not just edit existing ones. I can't find a way to do this though. Does anyone have any experience using the github web interface for a similar purpose?

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Note that since early December 2012, you can create new files directly from GitHub:

Create new File

ProTip™: You can pre-fill the filename field using just the URL.
Typing ?filename=yournewfile.txt at the end of the URL will pre-fill the filename field with the name yournewfile.txt.


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