L. Quastana L. Quastana - 1 year ago 144
SQL Question

tMysqlRow syntax error

I think my syntax error is the ";" char both the queries because this component just accept one query.

Am I right?

So, what's the best practice in this case?


Answer Source

You can only execute a single query at a time in a single component.

Instead split the query into three distinct components that are chained together with OnSubJobOk or OnComponentOk.

Better yet, use some of Talend's power and move the logic out of the SQL statements there and into the components. You should be able to SELECT all of the data from your ta_ref_bi table with a tMySqlInput component and then link that with a main connector to a tMySqlOutput component that is set to Drop table if exists and create in the "Action on table".

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