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csv.write skipping lines when writing to csv

I am trying to write to a csv file via the following

file = open('P:\test.csv', 'a')

fieldnames = ('ItemID', 'Factor', 'FixedAmount')
wr = csv.DictWriter(file, fieldnames=fieldnames)
headers = dict((n, n) for n in fieldnames)

wr.writerow({'ItemID':1, 'Factor': 2, 'FixedAmount':3})

However, when I look at the csv-file the first row is empty, the second row is my header, the third row is empty again and the fourth ow shows the entries 1,2 and 3. why does it >skip one row before it makes an entry?

EDIT: using python 3.2

Answer Source

Solution is to specify the "lineterminator" parameter in the constructor:

file = open('P:\test.csv', 'w')

fields = ('ItemID', 'Factor', 'FixedAmount')
wr = csv.DictWriter(file, fieldnames=fields, lineterminator = '\n')

wr.writerow({'ItemID':1, 'Factor': 2, 'FixedAmount':3})