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Jquery/Ajax running before dynamic php content loaded

I've got a dynamic page which I'm loading from an external PHP file when the booking link is clicked.

My issue is the jQuery code I need to run straight after it sometimes tries to execute before the PHP page is fully loaded (the follow and remove parts specifically). So when I try load the div, jQuery works sometimes, and other times not.

From what I've seen on other examples

is supposed to prevent the jQuery executing until the page is fully loaded, however since I'm loading a specific div (content) and not the entire page it seems to not work?

$(document).on('click', '.booking', function (){

$.getJSON(url,data, function(data) {
$.each(data, function(index, data) {


return false;

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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Answer Source

To achieve what you are expecting in a predicable way you should run dependent javascript code after loading content to div. Just create a call-back function for load method and have your dependent code inside it.

$('#content').load("calendar.php", function() {
  //put the code here, that you need to run after loading content to above div
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