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Find files with illegal windows characters in the name on Linux

I have a projects on my Linux box that contains file with characters that are considered illegal/reserved in Windows ( The project has over 10,000 files across several folders and I'll to identify the path for these files.

I can

find . -name "*\?*"
for each of the illegal/reserved characters, but is there an easier way to find all files that contain
< > : " / \ | ? *

Once I've identified, I would like to remove all such characters from each of these files.

Answer Source

This find one-liner should work for you:

find . -name "*[<>:\\|?*]*" -exec bash -c 'x="{}"; y=$(sed "s/[<>:\\|?*]\+/-/g" <<< "$x") && mv "$x" "$y" ' \;
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