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Apache Configuration Question

Django with mod_wsgi on apache - 500 error: Authtype not set?

Trying to deploy my first django site on Dreamhost...I had this working and then I'm not sure what I did to make it stop working.

This is the error message:

[crit] [client] configuration error: couldn't perform authentication. AuthType not set!: /internal_error.html

<VirtualHost :80>
WSGIScriptAlias / /home/username/
<Directory /home/username/>
Order deny,allow
Require all granted

I can also include my info but I don't think it's the problem because like I said I had the site working. Not sure if this is relevant or not but I was also trying to password protect my domain(I did that in my dreamhost panel) so that people can't see my site as I'm trying to deploy it - that is the only authentication I can think of that might be causing this, but I took the password protection off and I'm still getting the error.

Answer Source

I had the same problem with Apache v 2.2 (Ubuntu). From the documentation:

"If you are using a version of Apache older than 2.4, replace Require all granted with Allow from all"

... and that fixed it.

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