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Exclude assets for release build type

I'm importing an android library in an application built with gradle, like that:

dependencies {
compile 'com.example:great-lib:0.1-SNAPSHOT'

This library contains only assets, js, css and images to be used in a webview, with a layout like that:

|-> great.css
|-> great.min.js
|-> great.min.js.map
|-> js/
| |-> plop.js
| |-> foo.js
| ...
|-> img/
| ...

folder contains source files (to be used with source maps). I would like to include it and the
file for the debug builds, and have only the minified js in release builds, but I can't find a way to do that.

So far I've tried : 

android {
// this doesn't exclude anything
packageOptions {
exclude 'assets/js'
buildTypes {
release {
// this does exclude the js folder, but in both release and debug
aaptOptions {
ignoreAssetsPattern "!js"

Any idea if what I want is possible to achieve, and if so how?

(I've also thought of publishing two versions of the library (
), and have the dependency in
, but I'd prefer avoiding that and publishing a single version)

Answer Source

I ended up doing the following:

android.applicationVariants.all { variant ->

  if (variant.name.contains('Release')) {
    // exclude source and sourcemap from release builds
    def noJsSourceTask = task("delete${variant.name}JsSource", type: Delete) {
      delete "${buildDir}/intermediates/assets/${variant.dirName}/js"
      delete "${buildDir}/intermediates/assets/${variant.dirName}/great.min.js.map"
    variant.mergeAssets.finalizedBy noCeJsSourceTask

It works ok, but there are a few things I don't really like:

  • I'm touching at the files produced by a task after it is done (the finalizedBy), so it doesn't work well with "up-to-date" checking. But it's only for release builds, I'm doing debug ones more often
  • the path of the files to delete is manually built. I'm not sure if it's generic enough to be reused in other projects as-is
  • I'm selecting the variants based on their name. I would have liked something more structured.
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