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c++ - Heap object member function access

I am not quite sure which question I should be asking so I am gonna go with where the errors pop up.

I am working on a program to stream tick data from Interactive Brokers into a MySQL DB. To remove any bottlenecks that may occur from the difference between stream dl speed and MySQL write speed, I am trying to implement a queue class that will store Tick objects temporarily. Code:

tickQueue = new std::queue<Tick>;

delete tickQueue;

void TickQueue::add(Tick t)

int main()
time_t dt = time(0);
struct tm currTime;
localtime_s(&currTime, &dt);
TickQueue tq;

for (int i = 0; i < 5; ++i)
Tick tTick("fx", 1.2151, "SYM", i, currTime); tq.add(tTick);

if (tq.size() == 5) { cout << "success" << endl; }

return 0;

To keep it persistent, I decided to initialize it on the heap. However, I have a feeling this may not be the best implementation.

I also cannot access tq.size() as says size() is not a member function of tq. Is there a way to Construct a new object and have it inherit the members of its underlying structure (std::queue in this case)

Answer Source

When you declared TickQueue, you put a member inside it like this:

std::queue<Tick> *tickQueue;

That is, you were saying that TickQueue 'has-a' queue<Tick> inside it.

Instead, declare TickQueue like this:

class TickQueue : public std::queue<Tick> {
}; // TickQueue

Now you're saying that TickQueue 'is-a' queue<Tick>, and inherits all the methods thereof.

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