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Bash whiptail dies when changing directory

I'm trying to change to a directory and run additional commands within my

dialog screen, but after cloning my git repository it seems that my script is now dying when trying to change to the directory:

touch log.txt
while [ $STATUS -lt "100" ]; do
echo "cloning Repo" >> log.txt
git clone git@git.bitbucket.org:abc/repo.git /repo >> log.txt 2>&1
echo "changing directory" >> log.txt
cd /repo >> log.txt 2>&1
echo `pwd`
echo "installing bundler" >> log.txt
gem install bundler --no-ri --no-rdoc >> log.txt 2>&1
(( STATUS += 99 ))
echo $STATUS
done | whiptail --gauge "Setting Up Neo (THIS WILL TAKE SOME TIME)..." 40 78 0

Logging commands with
set -x
, this looks like:

:67+touch log.txt
:149+whiptail --gauge 'Setting Up (THIS WILL TAKE SOME TIME)...' 40 78 0
:68+'[' 0 -lt 100 ']'
:71+echo 'apt-get update'
:73+(( STATUS += 15 ))
:74+echo 15
:77+echo 'apt-get upgrade'
:79+(( STATUS += 15 ))
:80+echo 30
:83+echo 'apt-get -y git-all'
:85+(( STATUS += 15 ))
:86+echo 45
:111+(( STATUS += 30 ))
:112+echo 75
:115+rm -rf /repo
:116+echo 'cloning Repo'
:117+git clone git@git.bitbucket.org:abcd/repo.git /repo
:118+echo 'changing directory'
:119+cd /repo
:120+echo /repo
:121+echo 'installing bundler'
:122+gem install bundler --no-ri --no-rdoc
:148+echo 100
:68+'[' 100 -lt 100 ']'
::11+whiptail --title 'Configuration Menu' --menu 'Choose an option' 40 78 30 1 'Show current configuration.' 2 'Setup Wizard.' 0 Exit

The output of
stops at
changing directory
and my whiptail menu goes back to the main page (as if the setup is done, but it's not since I should also see the
installing bundler
in the log too):

cloning Repo
Cloning into '/repo'...
changing directory

I'm not getting any errors so diagnosing what's going on is posing to be the problem for me. Any help is appreciated!

Answer Source

Because you're using >>log.txt on each command, that log file is being re-opened for every command -- meaning that using cd changes the directory in which that logfile is being created.

To fix this, at the top of your script, use:

exec 3>log.txt

...and, whenever you want to write to that file, append >&3 to each command to write to that previously-opened file descriptor.

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