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HTML Question

Checkbox is unchecked but the content of a checked checkbox is showing up

Just like the title says.
Here is my code:

$('#somediv').change(function() {
if(this.checked) {
else {

<input style="float: left;" type="checkbox" id="somediv" name="somediv">

This happens when the browser is refreshed. The content should not show up, because the checkbox is unchecked, but it is showing up.


if it's unchecked by default just set a display: none in css to the class and that'it

  display: none;

or, if it's a dynamic value check on document ready the value and set it, so when refreshing page it will show/hide according to the checkbox value

$(document).ready(function() {

$('#somediv').change(function() {

function check(checkbox){":checked") ? $('.leaflet-marker-pane').show() : $('.leaflet-marker-pane').hide();

check example here: FIDDLE