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Said yes to auto-upgrade changes from XCode 7 app to XCode 8, now app won't build

I took a running app that was built under XCode7 and since I'm going to make some updates to it, did a build with XCode 8. After the first build (it was successful), I got a series of "suggestions" that XCode 8 wanted to automatically make for the app. Since I've never had problems doing that, I clicked OK and did another build under XCode 8. Now my app won't link properly! (It's happening on two separate apps, both using Crashlytics and Ensembles)

Link errors after doing auto-update in XCode 8

How can I backout the changes that were automatically made to the app by XCode 8?

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If you are using source control with your project, you can go back to the last committed state of your .xcodeproj file. Maybe this is not too far away from the state right before you switched to Xcode 8.

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