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Sass (Sass) Question

PhpStorm and SCSS compile scss file into one css file

I'm taking my first steps in PhpStorm and SASS. I went to File > Settings > File Watcher and I added SCSS

This is my current configuration:

  • Program:

  • Arguments:
    --no-cache --update $FileName$:$FileParentDir$\$FileNameWithoutExtension$.css

  • Working directory:

  • Output paths to refresh:

And it's working in the following way. Given the structure:


when I add a SCSS file to
it generates
files inside
. However, I want to generate just one CSS file inside
and avoid the map files. How can I do this?

Answer Source
  1. if you have a primary SCSS file that imports other files (partials, their names usually start with underscore), you just need to make sure that 'Track only root files' is enabled in File watcher settings to get the output merged into a single .css

  2. If you don't like .map files being created, pass --sourcemap=none to compiler

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