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How to define post response in StrongLoop / LoopBack

I've recently tried to make a somewhat simple implementation of a POST HTTP handler with LoopBack but didn't manage to.
This is the case. When I create a model class it seems that I can only add remote method to implement business functionality. But what if I want to handle the request myself in a proper way in response of a POST request ?
It's not very RESTFul to add special methods with names rather than implementing proper handling of a HTTP verb request. Is there any way to achieve that ?

Answer Source

You can define your own verb and path for the method as follows:

MyModel.myMethod = function(...) { ... }

MyModel.remoteMethod('myMethod', {
  accepts: ...,
  returns: ...,
  http: {
    verb: 'post',
    path: '/'

When would attach the myMethod function to the /api/MyModels/ endpoint.

For further docs on remote methods checkout the following:

For the 2nd link, a sharedMethod is what gets created when you use the MyModel.remoteMethod(...) function.

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