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Java HashMap of Vectors

i'm in a situation in which i'd like to have an hash map with an Integer value as key and an array of Double as values (of which i know the length).
So i want to have something like

HashMap<Integer, Double[]> hash = new HashMap<Integer, Double[]>();

Next i scan a ResultSet finding key,value for the first attribute.
At the end of this first phase i will have an hash map with some keys and for each key i will have a Double value representing a particular score.

Next i want to scan another different ResultSet with different key,values and i want to populate my hash with these values.
The problem is that here i can find element for which i don't have an entry and documents for which i already have an entry.

I'd like to arrive to a situation in which for a particular key i can access all different scores.

How can i add iteratively values to those arrays? because if i use the usual
i have to use a Double[] as value but i want to add to the hash map different score iteratively.

I think that using a Vector can bring me some problems due to the fact that some keys can have some empty values for which they don't will be populate.

Answer Source

I’m uncertain how well I understand your requirements. I think you may do something sort of:

    double[] arrayInMap = hash.get(key);
    if (arrayInMap == null) {
        hash.put(key, valuesToAdd);
    } else {
        if (arrayInMap.length != valuesToAdd.length) {
            throw new IllegalStateException("Key "+ key + ": cannot add " + valuesToAdd.length
                    + " values to array of length " + arrayInMap.length);
        for (int ix = 0; ix < arrayInMap.length; ix++) {
            arrayInMap[ix] += valuesToAdd[ix];

I hope you’ll at least be able to use it as inspiration.

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