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Javascript Question

dxTooltip not working in IE, working in Chrome

I have got a


var chart = $("#chartContainer4").dxChart();

of which I’m taking the legend rectangles:

var PayerLegendBoxes = $("#chartContainer4 .dxc-legend g rect");

And using
for showing on mouse hover.

PayerLegendBoxes.each(function () {

var nextElementHTML = this.nextSibling.innerHTML;

var currElementTip = nextElementHTML + "tip";

var currElement = this;

var title = chart.append("<span style='display:none;' id=" + currElementTip + ">" + nextElementHTML + "</span>");

var tooltipSimple = $("#" + currElementTip).dxTooltip({

target: currElement,


$(currElement).unbind().hover(function () {




This is working fine in Chrome but not in IE.

Is there a bug for cross browser functionality?

Answer Source

Looks like the problem is in this line:

var nextElementHTML = this.nextSibling.innerHTML;

nextSibling.innerHTML returns undefined in IE. So, I suggest you use something like this:

// jQuery provides a "cross-browser" way here
var nextElementHTML = $(this).next().text();

And one more correction for this line:

var currElementTip = nextElementHTML + "tip";

nextElementHTML can sometimes contain a white space symbol. So, you should sanitize it:

var currElementTip = (nextElementHTML + "tip").replace(/\s/g, "_");

The updated sample is here -

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