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C Question

How can I combine these two printf statements in C?

I'm trying to print "Hello the number 5 is correct!" in C.

The way I'm doing it now is with two printf statements:

printf("Hello the number %d", number);
printf(" is correct!\n");

How can I do this in one statement like in Java:

System.out.println("Hello the number "+number+" is correct!");

I've tried doing it this way in C:

printf("Hello the number %d", number, " is correct!");

but the "is correct!" doesn't show up.

is there a way to do this in one statement?
I'm sorry I'm very new to C.

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You can embed the format specifier into the middle of the string like so:

printf("Hello the number %d is correct!\n", number);

Alternatively, you can use another format specifier for the rest of the string:

printf("Hello the number %d%s\n", number, " is correct!");