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Download .xcdatamodeld file and create .momd programmatically

I'm toying a lot with core data lately, and what bugs me is that you create a .xcdatamodeld to create your base structure, but then xcode convert it in a .momd file

My question is this : is it possible to do the conversion programmatically, instead of having it done by xcode?

Let's say for instance we wan't to be able to download a xcdatamodeld file from internet in an iOS app, and have it interpret it and create the underlying base.

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If you download the entire xcdatamodeld bundle (it's a directory) and unpack it, you can use code from my momcom project to compile it into a .momd. You could then load that like any other data model. This project is still somewhat experimental, but it's performed well in testing so far. [Update: the project won't work on iOS as it is, because it uses NSXMLDocument. If you wanted to try this, you could use TouchXML, which is designed to be a drop-in replacement for NSXMLDocument. I don't know of any other options for compiling a Core Data model in your own app.]

The usual rules about having a data model and a persistent store match up apply. You couldn't just take the newly compiled model and use it with an existing store unless you handled model migration. Also, I have no idea what Apple's attitude would be regarding an app that downloaded new data model files-- it might be fine, or it might get you into some trouble with them.

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