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JSON Question

Validate a string to be json or not in

is there any way to validate a string to be json or not ? other than try/catch .

I'm using ServiceStack Json Serializer and couldn't find a method related to validation .

Answer Source

Probably the quickest and dirtiest way is to check if the string starts with '{':

public static bool IsJson(string input){ 
    input = input.Trim(); 
    return input.StartsWith("{") && input.EndsWith("}")  
           || input.StartsWith("[") && input.EndsWith("]"); 

Another option is that you could try using the JavascriptSerializer class:

JavaScriptSerializer ser = new JavaScriptSerializer(); 
SomeJSONClass = ser.Deserialize<SomeJSONClass >(json); 

Or you could have a look at JSON.NET:

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