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AngularJS Question

what is the better way to create the dynamic shipment tracker through Angular JS

Shipment Tracker

Am trying to create shipment tracker in Angular with HTML5 & CSS3. Can anyone advise how to create the above shipment tracker dynamically through Angular JS.

For now i have planned to start with

for the tracker.

Thanks in advance.!

Answer Source

After a long search.. i tried to use HTML Progress Bar for my tracking.

We can update the value of the progress based on your shipping status. For now i have use $interval which updates the progress for every three second.

var app = angular.module("progress_app", []);
	app.controller('testCtrl',function($scope, $interval){

	$scope.heading="Shipping Tracker";
    $scope.callAtInterval = function() {
       if($scope.progress_value <=100){
		$scope.progress_value = $scope.progress_value * 2;
		$scope.progress_value = 5;

    $interval( function(){ $scope.callAtInterval(); }, 3000);
.tracker {
<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src=""></script>
<body ng-app="progress_app" ng-controller="testCtrl">
		<h3 ng-bind='heading'> </h3><br/><br/>
		<progress value="{{progress_value}}" max="100" class="tracker">

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