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How to get monospaced numbers in UILabel on iOS 9

At WWDC 2015, there was a session about the new “San Francisco” system font in iOS 9. It uses proportional number rendering instead of monospaced numbers by default when linked against the iOS 9 SDK. There is a convenient initializer on NSFont called

NSFont.monospacedDigitsSystemFontOfSize(mySize weight:)
that can be used to explicitly enable monospaced number display.

However I couldn't find the
equivalent for this on

Answer Source

Handy UIFont extension:

extension UIFont {

    var monospacedDigitFont: UIFont {
        let oldFontDescriptor = fontDescriptor()
        let newFontDescriptor = oldFontDescriptor.monospacedDigitFontDescriptor
        return UIFont(descriptor: newFontDescriptor, size: 0)


private extension UIFontDescriptor {

    var monospacedDigitFontDescriptor: UIFontDescriptor {
        let fontDescriptorFeatureSettings = [[UIFontFeatureTypeIdentifierKey: kNumberSpacingType, UIFontFeatureSelectorIdentifierKey: kMonospacedNumbersSelector]]
        let fontDescriptorAttributes = [UIFontDescriptorFeatureSettingsAttribute: fontDescriptorFeatureSettings]
        let fontDescriptor = self.fontDescriptorByAddingAttributes(fontDescriptorAttributes)
        return fontDescriptor


Usage with @IBOutlet properties:

@IBOutlet private var timeLabel: UILabel? {
    didSet {
        timeLabel.font = timeLabel.font.monospacedDigitFont

Latest version on GitHub:

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