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HTML Question

How to prevent WebStorm IDE from opening '.html' files in a web browser on double-clicking it?

I am trying to name a HTML file as

in the WebStorm IDE. However, I am unable to open this file to edit it if I name it
- it directly opens in the browser.

I can open other
files in WebStorm for editing if they are named something other than

If I go to
Refactor > Rename
and change the name of
file to something else, I am again not able to edit it.

It seems like there must be a setting for this somewhere but I cannot figure out what or where.

Answer Source

Most likely you have told IDE to open it like that in the past (on purpose or by mistake) .. so it keeps doing it.

  1. Settings/Preferences | Editor | File Types

  2. Find Files Opened in Associated Application entry in top list

  3. Find and remove offending entry from bottom list (most likely will be index.html or similar)

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