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Python Question

Syntax highlighting with GTK3 SourceView

How do you enable syntax highlighting in

using GTK3? My code below is not working.

# HTML view
self.scrolledwindow_html = builder.get_object('scrolledwindow_html')
self.sourceview_html = GtkSource.View()
self.buffer_html = self.sourceview_html.get_buffer()

lang_manager = GtkSource.LanguageManager()

Giving an error:

AttributeError: 'TextBuffer' object has no attribute 'set_language'

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Answer Source

It seems like the sourceview is initialising itself with a Gtk.TextBuffer (which doesn't know about syntax highlighting) instead of a GtkSource.Buffer (which does). Force it to use your choice of Buffer by making the buffer first, and telling View to use exactly that object:

 self.buffer_html = GtkSource.Buffer()
 self.sourceview_html = GtkSource.View.new_with_buffer(self.buffer_html)
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