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How to use QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor

I need to intercept requests made in our WebEngine qml component in our Qt application.

I have found documentation on QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor which seems to do just this here and here However I haven't found any code examples on how to do this in Qt/C++.

Any help is appreciated.

Answer Source

Managed to puzzle it together with the help of this post:

This is my solution to hook up a QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor:

.h file

class WebUrlRequestInterceptor : public QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor

    WebUrlRequestInterceptor(QObject *p = Q_NULLPTR);
    void interceptRequest(QWebEngineUrlRequestInfo &info);

.cpp file

WebUrlRequestInterceptor::WebUrlRequestInterceptor(QObject *p)

void WebUrlRequestInterceptor::interceptRequest(QWebEngineUrlRequestInfo &info) {
    QString rsrct = "";
        case 0:rsrct="ResourceTypeMainFrame = 0, // top level page";break;
        case 1:rsrct="ResourceTypeSubFrame, // frame or iframe";break;
        case 2:rsrct="ResourceTypeStylesheet, // a CSS stylesheet";break;
        case 3:rsrct="ResourceTypeScript, // an external script";break;
        case 4:rsrct="ResourceTypeImage, // an image (jpg/gif/png/etc)";break;
        case 5:rsrct="ResourceTypeFontResource, // a font";break;
        case 6:rsrct="ResourceTypeSubResource, // an other subresource.";break;
        case 7:rsrct="ResourceTypeObject, // an object (or embed) tag for a plugin,";break;
        case 8:rsrct="ResourceTypeMedia, // a media resource.";break;
        case 9:rsrct="ResourceTypeWorker, // the main resource of a dedicated worker.";break;
        case 10:rsrct="ResourceTypeSharedWorker, // the main resource of a shared worker.";break;
        case 11:rsrct="ResourceTypePrefetch, // an explicitly requested prefetch";break;
        case 12:rsrct="ResourceTypeFavicon, // a favicon";break;
        case 13:rsrct="ResourceTypeXhr, // a XMLHttpRequest";break;
        case 14:rsrct="ResourceTypePing, // a ping request for <a ping>";break;
        case 15:rsrct="ResourceTypeServiceWorker, // the main resource of a service worker.";break;
        case 16:rsrct="ResourceTypeUnknown";break;

        default : rsrct="Unknown type";break;

  qDebug()<<"\t"<<Q_FUNC_INFO<<":\n\t\t" << "WebUrlRequestInterceptor::interceptRequest    " <<info.requestMethod()
         <<"\r\n  "<<info.requestUrl()<<"   "<<rsrct      <<"\r\n";


main.cpp file

WebUrlRequestInterceptor *wuri = new WebUrlRequestInterceptor();
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